26 Jan 2018 11:19:38
Disappointed to see Celtic manager playing mind games before Saturdays match with Hibs by suggesting that S F A should approach Lennon for Scotland job. These are the tactics frequently employed by Rangers (remember Scott Allan saga) . Unfortunately these tactics often work by upsetting fans and players alike.

1.) 26 Jan 2018
26 Jan 2018 17:01:48
Lennon ruled himself out within a week of Strachan getting emptied.
Rodgers was likely just being honest and paying him a similar compliment to the one he gave him after the first league game.

If people are so easily unsettled by one person's complimentary comments spun by the press they probably shouldn't be watching sports news channels or reading the rags.

That said it's no secret things haven't been rosy in the dressingroom for a while with Stokes and Efe taking the mick at training.
I'd still bet Lennon is smart enough not to consider it at all though, regardless of speculation.

2.) 26 Jan 2018
26 Jan 2018 17:27:47
I noticed big McGregor given Efe it tight duting the derby, I would give him the captaincy and tell him to get a grip of the two of them and get them sorted, can't see Stokes getting lippy with him.

3.) 26 Jan 2018
26 Jan 2018 18:20:22
Hopefully no nd to as stokes won’t play again by all accounts, thank god! Said it from the very start far to expensive a player for what he gives back especially as the years roll on, can name games on one hand since he came he’s bn a stick out, flicks here and there? A great football brain? Natural ability? Give me a break! He’s a waster on and off the park! Selfish to the core, i counldnt care about him throwing a decent living away but don’t be taking hibs with you!

4.) 26 Jan 2018
26 Jan 2018 19:50:37
Lennon said the other day he was flattered but he's happy at hibs .

5.) 26 Jan 2018
26 Jan 2018 23:31:16
Tomo think you and I said before he signed we didn’t want him, all my thoughts regarding stokes has come true, however I was genuinely hoping that Lennon would get the best of him baring in mind he hadn’t managed him at hibs. There’s got to be better options in the UK for a striker rather than going foreign, even Ireland surely there’s great up and coming players although most of these clubs have an affiliation with English teams. The bottom line is Lennon hasn’t got it right regarding signings, yes Ambrose has been decent, keeper sometimes when he feels like it. Murray possibly. Sorry I’m in the doom and gloom camp, having said that we’re fourth and 2 or 3 sightings we’ll be right up there with Aberdeen. We really need to start hitting the net. By the way Lennon has a good number at hibs, he’s going nowhere.