07 Jul 2014 10:47:57
Hibs should try and sign some of the Costa Rican players who are still based in Costa Rica, can't be the best league and they have shown they are talented. Really like the look of tejeda

1.) 07 Jul 2014
And how much would they cost? Millions!

2.) 07 Jul 2014
Well his market vaule is less than half a million so yeh. take a gamble

3.) 07 Jul 2014
Good idea!! some of those Germans look no bad too, mibi should go for them, Mullar looks like he'd mibi challenge for a place

4.) 07 Jul 2014
Crackin post Ed I can't stop laughing, where do you get them, the other posters right maybe muller would push for a place, mental

5.) 07 Jul 2014
Aye - and there is a wee Argentinian guy who looks like he could do the business!

6.) 07 Jul 2014
Did he not sign for Porto?

7.) 08 Jul 2014
You think players from Costa Rican league would cost millions? You're in dreamland!

Anyway, Ruiz is proof that this is a team that plays well together but look average at club teams.