09 Jul 2014 13:02:09
What do we all think of kane's proposal?

1.) 09 Jul 2014
Personally not a lot.
Could you imagine Paul Kane running the Club financially?
What I would like to ask him though is how much of his own money is he putting in?

2.) 10 Jul 2014
Although I am sure Paul Kane's intentions are sincere, it is a major distraction when we have other problems.
If he wants this to progress, then he should name the financial people he has been speaking to and how much money they are prepared to invest.
At the moment he is basically looking for money from the fans without detailing his plans.
Secondly, who will run the Club if it happens. Although a broad group of fans would own the Club, there would still be a Board who would make the decisions or to put it another way, you can't have a referendum every time you want to buy a player.
Finally, how much money are we talking about and how does this break down to individual fan's contributions.
If, say, the Club is worth £10M. (given the assets this is likely figure) then is it £500 each from 10,000 fans and £5m. from his business associates.
The fans amount would also have to increase if the there is a shortfall in the business contribution.
What would the fans who contribute get in return?
Paul, if you are serious, gives us the details to allow fans to make an INFORMED decision.
Also, as the last guy said, how much are you putting in?

3.) 10 Jul 2014
Paul Kane would be excellent the boys a Hibs man through. & through. Only problem is Paul is as tight as Petrie, Iv never once had a free beer in any of his lavish establishments lol. Come on Paul you know your a tight ass