23 Aug 2014 21:23:30
Sorry, last visit to this site. A lot of folks in here disgust me. If Hibs played in the second division in a public park, I'd be there. Yes second half was poor but we are going forward slowly but surely. No one said it would be easy but offering season tickets to others free after 3 games? Sick!! Ed, all the best, you do a grand job.
Cammy {Ed017's Note - not being funny but ive had this for years. Don't give up.good time's ahead and a chance to say I told u so.

1.) 24 Aug 2014
I agree with you m8 but the facts are were Hibernian F. C & we shouldn't be playing in the second division on a public park, we were once one of Europe's great teams do surely it's not hard to ask that we have a team capable of competing in any league, wise up m8 our team are gash & I'm telling you it's completely unacceptable

2.) 24 Aug 2014
Clammy get a grip son. we r a leeds utd type team, at 1 time 1 of the top teams in the country with a great fan base and then slowly we drift down the leagues, they eventually went down to the 3rd tier in english fitba. look at man city a few yrs back b4 keegan took over they were in the 3rd tier of english fitba, and it took a good few yrs to get back in top league. we need new ownership to save us. were in free fall. i'm a true hibee and like thousands of others, a don't at all see hibs making 4ward step. look at money in wages saved in released players and we bring 4 in. and where is the £250,000 parashute payment 4 relegation gone. typical hibs, as long as the tash is at easter rd. real fitba fans get frustrated because they love there team and have opinions. and my opinion at present is. we r a joke!!!!!!!! northd hibee

3.) 24 Aug 2014
Were nothing like Leeds get a grip of yourself, Leeds were in nearly 80 million debt when they went down. Now where's the comparison

4.) 24 Aug 2014
In terms of size of club, stature, fan base, potential. FACT. that's what I was meaning. simple fact with hibernian fc. is we r total gash & a laughing stock. ict, hamilton, r, county, . r in a higher league than hibs. disgrace. & a joke. FACT! NORTHD HIBEE