07 Feb 2015 22:55:24
Seriously disappointed with our performance today! Pass marks to Fontaine, Stevenson, Fyvie, Gray and McGeough when he came on, can't understand why he didn't start. Poor efforts from everyone else. How Allan got man of the match is way beyond me. The guy is fast becoming a prima donna. He is obviously believing his own publicity, AS want's to stop listening to his stories and get him told to get his finger out, looks unfit to me ! He pushed theball past an Abroath player and tried to go past him, the guy had time to get up of his arse turn round and caught himwithin 4 strides, not saying he doesn't have the talent, needs to work harder.

1.) 08 Feb 2015
08 Feb 2015 00:07:54
Think you are talking a load of rubbish mate. Everyone who knows anything about football thinks he is,the best player in the championship. Supporters have got to quit maintaining and get behind the players.

2.) 08 Feb 2015
08 Feb 2015 10:56:17
I take it you weren't at the game mate! You will be doing the same as Scott Allan, reading the papers! Their RB took the ball of Allan right in front of us in the East Stand, instead of getting after him he stood with his hands up claiming he'd been fouled. Make no mistake, I was one of the first to say on this site that we should put Allan and Malonga on a long contract right away and I haven't changed my opinion. What I want to see is Allan consistently play to his potential.
Yesterday he was banging balls in to spaces when their was no one close, then putting his hands up as if it was the forwards fault, that's nae good mate! As for Cummings, if he had 3 shots at John Lennon, Lennon would still be alive! If Cummings put away half the chances he gets he would be europes top scorer!

3.) 15 Feb 2015
Lenny, Zafira just comments anyone who isn't 100% positive telling them they have no knowledge of football or they don't know football.

Whrreas as real hibs fans know Scott Allan was trying to show off but failing against Arbroath.

Zafira, just because a team wins, doesn't mean everything is perfect. You should know that by how flukey we were when we were top of league with Fenlon. Our gameplay was awful and I kept giving warnings but people were too oblibious to the reality of that situation.