14 Feb 2015 16:48:01
Hopefully El Alagui comes back soon.

Malonga is SO lazy it's unbelievable!

Cummings is so bad too. I know Hibs fans are obsessed with youngsters and over rate them when they score, but Cummings really does nothing except tap it in the net. Completely useless vs big teams unless their defence has bad marking.
That chance last night on the break sums up Cummings.
Not his fault for being chosen, but should be a substitute.

1.) 14 Feb 2015
So many fans like you mate are never satisfied. Cummings is leading the top scorers list and Malonga is not far behind despite being away playing for Congo. How can you be so critical. Maybe if Hibs had more loyal fans who supported the players in the way that Hearts fans do then the team would be even better although I fail to see how any knowledgeable fan can criticise any aspect of the team the way they are playing atpresent.

2.) 14 Feb 2015
Cummings is actually 3rd, check tv.
Malonga played 15 minutes twice for Congo, sat on bench rest of time.

How can you not be critical? Do you not actually watch what they do? I'm thinking of the VITAL play-offs. If we play like that vs Rangers in play-offs we will not go through. Fans overly love Cummings so that isn't actually making him play better.

I fail to see how you can claim to be knowledgable when you don't actually acknowledge how bad Cummings game is.
the way we are playing at present? Rangers dominated us, mate.

3.) 14 Feb 2015
Cummings is a youngster and still has lots to learn. Criticising the players like you are doing is not going to help their confidence.give them a chance and try to encourage them rather than criticise them. The team has been performing very well recently. Thank goodness Stubbs doesn't think like you or we would be in a real mess. He has managed to install confidence in the players by encouraging them not criticising them.

4.) 15 Feb 2015
As I said, Hibs fans seem to love him, so is my comment on this website that Cummings will never have been on afect him? Nope. You'd be lying if you don't agree his perofrmance is bad. His age is irrelevant when he's actually starting every week. Went through him mising sitters every week last season which got us relegated. But I suppose you think relegation is a positive?

My point is we need El Alagui starting. Cummings is an alright sub but not good enough to start with important games coming up.

If Stubbs thought like me we'd have more points! Playing Handling all those games despite being awful has cost us points!

5.) 15 Feb 2015
15 Feb 2015 20:26:03
I was critical of young Cummings last week because I thought he should/could have had 4 or 5 goals on the day. The one thing I do appreciate about his game is the amount of times he finds space in the box, their are not many better at that, and I hope the little bit compusure that is required to make him a truly great striker comes with a little bit more experience.

6.) 16 Feb 2015
I hope he goes on to be great too, but people who make out there are no negatives to his game are just ridiculous. So many sitters that he misses just gets annoying!

7.) 16 Feb 2015
Cummings is okay but he thinks he is better, he has the potential to play at a higher level. Malonga did look tired but he`s been ok for us this season, maybe he shouldn`t have started and been on the bench?

To say that Rangers domiated is harsh, yes they had the ball but what did they do with it. Stubbs set up the team to play the way we did.

For me Hanlon is the one you should be moaning about and not Cummings, he was misplacing passes and giving the ball away to cheaply. He should have been thrown out of ER with McPake at the end of the season. Don`t like him, never have, never will, over rated, never a defender.

But there will be people that think he`s John Terry just as people think Cummings is Harry Kane.

8.) 16 Feb 2015
I mentioned Cummings as he is more frustrating.
Malonga's excuse will be he was at Nations Cup but he looks tired every game. He shows glimpses that he is good but if we gain promotion, he will have to try a lot harder as there are no Dumbarton's or Cowdenbeath's in SPL.

I'm aware of Hanlon being overrated purely because he is Scottish and a Hibs fan, but it gets boring mebtioning him.

Our midfield and full backs are currently helping us win games. CBs, goalie and forwards are weak.

9.) 24 Feb 2015
24 Feb 2015 17:13:10
cummings is top goal scorer in the league with 12. he may get tap ins quite a lot but he's in the position to score goals and he puts them in. although you cannot compare the two, diego costa is another type of striker like that and all his goals this season for chelsea have been inside the box, so get your information right and know the game of football before commenting. malonga is class as well

10.) 26 Feb 2015
I wholeheartedly agree with you. We currently have two of the best strikers in the league at present and fans should be applauding them rather thancomplaining about them. Encouraging the team creates confidence in the players and helps them to try more difficult options. Look how badly Rangers are playfing since the fans got on the players backs. Aberdeen were the same last year when their fans booed them a lot.

11.) 27 Feb 2015
Bob - how is missing sitters in the championship "class"? You know nothing if you think Cummings is faultless.
Malonga hasn't been trying in the big games and barely runs in the other games.
The most important games are the play-offs and they both have to improve if we're going to gain promotion through them.

Zafira - If they fail to get us promotion, are you going to say "oh well, they scored goals in the league, next season maybe"?

You guys don't know the game if you think they're quality. Malonga shows glimpses of it but only tries 40% of the time.
Cummings should be a sub at most.

Liam Buchanan was piling the goals in in this league which shows hpw lacking in quality it is. So top scorers list is meaningless. Won't be long before Robertson gets in top 10 which says it all.

Actually watch what each individual does in 90mins before you form an opinion. As it's embarrassing otherwise.