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03 Jul 2018 09:00:18
McGinn update. There is a will by all 3 sides to get the deal done. The £1.5mil reported is the starting point. weeks ago this was submitted. Hibs need to get a deal done as he isn't going to sign an extension, so can't loose him for nothing next year. The money is too good to turn down and financially they cant. When Hibs signed McGinn it cost almost £500k with agent fees/ sign on etc so can't afford to let him run his contract down.
Celtic want McGinn but don't want to pay what Hibs think he's worth so will offer no more than £2mil. Cash + player is an option but Hibs must pay St Mirren 30% of the deal. So if Hibs get a player valued at £500k they must pay 30% of that too ontop of 30% of any cash. Also issues with sell on clauses.
McGinn isn't going to sign a new deal with Hibs but wants Hibs and St Mirren both to benefit from his sale. There are other higher bids (not official yet) but they go for nothing as the player wants a move to Celtic.
The deal will get done but will require a bit of give from both clubs. Hibs want Allan but that will probably be a seperate deal. don't be surprised to see an undisclosed fee when Mcginn is confirmed. Just like when Cummings signed for Notts Forest for £500k.

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03 Jul 2018 21:44:57
McGinn will got to celtic but I've heard the total fee including paymenot to st midden will be nearer £2m but that's what I've heard who knows.

04 Jul 2018 07:51:45
McGinn cost hibs 150 k from st Mirren with a 33% sell on clause of any future move and a further 10% of any moves after that, this is causing problems with Celtic and they are wanting contract re -written, meaning they would have to compensate st Mirren now. the biggest winners here are undoubtedly st Mirren.

04 Jul 2018 10:41:02
Having a player of Johns quality at Hibs for 4 seasons. I’d say we have done well having him. Anything we get for him is a bonus.

04 Jul 2018 10:43:22
Hibs had to pay nearly £500k to sign McGinn as i said in my earlier post. Transfer fee, agent fees, 'exclusive rights fee', sign on fee, admin fee, legal fee, expense fees etc. Signing a player isn't just the transfer fee. How do you think Hibs signed McGinn? Its because the package for him and his agent was excellent. Trust me i know.
As for the 10% from another sell on, that's not worth the paper its written on if it is even written. Who pays the 10%? The selling or buying club? St Mirren (1) don't know who Hibs (2) are going to sell him to (3) nor do they know the other team (4) who want to buy him. So 1 having a contract between 3 and 4 is very difficult if you don't know who they are and don't own the player. If there was a legally enforcable 10% then this would potentially mean 3rd party ownership which i highly doubt is involved. Perhaps in £multi million deals.
The only thing holding this up is valuation figures. Like in every walk of life, if the money is right you do the deal.

04 Jul 2018 13:09:53
Tbf. I've never heard of that type of transfer, however, in my mind McGinn's away and it's just a case of who or what we get for him. I would prefer players because they have some quality sitting on the sidelines. Christie and Allan would be my 1st pick. Theirs a rumour they are trying to push Ralston on us bu the lad divides opinion.

04 Jul 2018 13:35:05
Best case scenario for Hibs is to get £2mil and Scott Allan on loan (sign him on precontract in jan) or Celtic pay up his contract in knowledge he is signing for Hibs. This way Hibs don't have to pay the 30% of his value to St Mirren. It means Celtic writing off a sellable asset but it may be worth it if they want the McGinn deal done asap. What Celtic want is to sign McGinn for as little as possible and no player swap. As i said. its all about the £ numbers and both sides giving a little.

04 Jul 2018 14:39:40
The on loan deal is the best way to avoid squabbles over how much SA is worth. As you say, McGinn cost almost £500K, is St Mirr''s 30% based on the total transfer fee or is it based on profit of sake after the £500K is deducted?

04 Jul 2018 16:37:48
30% of the total transfer. For example if Hibs were to swap McGinn for a player/ players (no cash) then St Mirren would be aggrieved and put in a complaint, most likely resulting in a valuation for the transfer. This would then have to be paid to St Mirren. i'm certain that it would be the same with a cash/ player deal. This is just one of the many scenarios, and why deals seem like they take ages! If its £2mil and Allan loan then £600k (approx) to St Mirren. If its £2mil and Allan then £750k (approx) to St Mirren. On flip side it means effectively Hibs sign Allan for £150k. Hibs may decide that's a better option, although they pay out more Allan is a player Hibs want.

04 Jul 2018 16:41:11
St Mirren get 30% of the transfer when Hibs sell him (no deduction of Hibs previous deal with them), for the avoidance of doubt.

02 Jul 2018 22:59:36
Celtic approach Hibs re mcginn here we go.

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02 Jul 2018 23:45:21
Offered around £1.5 Mill. Cheeky gits, hang on to him for a yr or 2 and sell him to the stupid English for £8Mill. As for Kierney, your not going to tell me that's he's worth 20 times as much McGinn.

02 Jul 2018 18:29:24
Adam bogden heading to hibs on loan.

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26 Jun 2018 18:16:30
A 28yr old Italian winger, serie B and a Belgian goalie on trial at EM.

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30 Jun 2018 11:18:44
Hibs also showing interest in a Preston winger, all I know is that he previously played for Dundalk.

02 Jul 2018 16:32:44
Hungarian l Bogdan lpool reserve keeper just signed on loan?

02 Jul 2018 17:47:43
It''s Bogdan I think. I have to wonder if marciano is coming back.

26 Jun 2018 18:11:39
Rumour Sheffield Wed have offered for McGinn and have offered cash plus a striker on loan, Fletcher/ Hooper. Rumour Rodgers is prepared to give SA pre season to prove himself. Not good if true.

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27 Jun 2018 17:12:34
Fletcher/ hooper both on 25/ 30k a week how does that work?

27 Jun 2018 19:43:35
Would like to see how much money they will offer if it's only a player on loan would have to be the full £3m.

28 Jun 2018 02:00:29
To answer your question Tomo, I would imagine their wages would lead to a reduced lump sum to Hibs. Their are rumours all over the place, some saying McGinn definitely not going to Celtic others saying he is. The offer I heard was £2.7Mill plus SA and Lewis Morgan for 6 months. I know their was an enquiry for Hooper and that Lenny would love to get him. I just wish something would break, 2 weeks to the Euro game.

24 Jun 2018 19:31:38
Derby ( Frank Lampard ) trying to persuade McGinn to ignore Celtic and join him. Biring ham also offered £3Mill. Celtic deal to far down the line.

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25 Jun 2018 19:13:44
SA just posted a selfie, on the plane to Celtic training camp in Austria. Looks like any move not imminent. Maybe Hibs taking Derby's £3Mill.

26 Jun 2018 09:30:49
I don't know why hibs don't offer McGinn a deal sign a 2 year contract. offer him a %, sell him for £5m.

27 Jun 2018 21:20:16
Scott Alan just had a goal disallowed coming of bench in Austrian friendly had another cleared of line.

24 Jun 2018 19:24:03
Celtic deal is very far down the line. Plenty of other interested parties

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24 Jun 2018 19:20:33
McGinn to celtic is very much looking a done deal now. Various scenarios. the deal i posted earlier with McGinn back on loan or Allan and £2m to Hibs (McGinn permanent to Celtic) or £1.5m Allan and Hayes to Hibs (McGinn permanent to Celtic) . 33% of money goes to St Mirren.

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22 Jun 2018 18:15:47
McGinn to Celtic. Allan and (in region of) £1.5m to Hibs. McGinn coming back on loan for next season. This is the deal on the table. As always nothing is a done deal until it is signed.

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22 Jun 2018 20:32:15
Makes sense with Armstrong to Southampton.

23 Jun 2018 12:59:30
Makes sense? Celtic potentially lose 3 midfielders and gain none for coming season? Absolute nonsense!

23 Jun 2018 15:13:56
Celtics central midfielders for next season if the above deal goes through - Callum Macgregor, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Ryan Christie, Nir Bitton and Scott Brown. Not to mention the plethora of wingers at their disposal. They don’t need McGinn just now, Scott Brown has another season or 2. But getting McGinn is a real coup for Celtics future. A loan back to Hibs continues his progression. Scott Allan, not needed by Celtic.
Yes, the above deal makes sense to all parties involved. I for one would be delighted with it.

23 Jun 2018 20:19:52
Probably be nonsense. But I’d be happy with that. We’d get McGinn for another year. We’d get Scotty Allan. And £1.5M. Bit of a no brainer. I can imagine all parties would be happy too. Just got to find a fulcrum to replace McGeough. Looks like he’s Sunderland bound. Hopefully Bartley will be staying too. I think he has a couple of more years left on his contract.

23 Jun 2018 22:02:51
Could take this but I would want at least £2m.

23 Jun 2018 23:44:51
It might add up to £2Mill, depends what % of McGinns wages we would be paying for the loan. If he's on £10K pw and we are paying £3K theirs another £360K approx. Theirs also the pay off for Scott Allan, he still has a yr on his deal with Celtic and he will want a pay off. I should imagine it will be at least £200K. It all adds up.

24 Jun 2018 18:54:39
What are you guys drinking? Scott Allan would have to take a massive drop in wages to sign for Hibs. Knowing his past do you all really see that happening? As for Celtic buying John? Why wouldn't they wait till new year and sign him on a pre contract. Wee word in Johns ear to sit tight and they have him with no transfer fee. So we lose him for nothing and no Scott Allan in part exchange. Best hope we have of a good transfer fee is he goes now to an English or foreign club.

22 Jun 2018 11:04:06
Geko. I have searched everywere about Dylan. Nothing about him failing medical. Sunderland WILL anounce him as a Sunderland player very shortly.

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22 Jun 2018 12:29:53
You will find nothing online. Failed medical doesn't mean he won't sign.

23 Jun 2018 07:43:23
Sunderland could be poison if they don't start well, they still owe £20-25m in player transfer instalments due before 31 August.

They are only in free transfer market (Dylan, Lyle Taylor, Chris Maguire (remember the last two - real SPL "stars") .
But seem to be offering £7k to 7.5k a week - until they run out of money (again)! They need additional "short-term" finance despite Short writing off all his millions of debts.

A bad season and Administrators will be at door.

23 Jun 2018 08:36:32
Financially a good move for him but knowing what i do, Sunderland are not out of the woods, despite the takeover. In a better position but it's not all milk and honey.
As a footnote, Aberdeen's deal for him is £150 a week more than us.

23 Jun 2018 15:53:43
They are now saying they need to find another £10Mill for legal's they didn't cater for. I don't see what the attraction is for Dylan.

21 Jun 2018 20:29:00
Dylan has failed his medical at sunderland

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21 Jun 2018 21:36:00
As far as I'm lead to believe is he still not on holiday .

21 Jun 2018 22:33:24
They announced that his signing was imminent! I said on here that I thought teams would be hesitant giving he has only had 1yr clear of injury in the last 3. TBH I don't know what to make of this. Other interested clubs are going to make sure their medicals are just as strict. No one wants to sign a player on a long term contract if he has problems.

22 Jun 2018 01:17:49
Geko, where did you get that from?

22 Jun 2018 12:32:26
I will only post what i know, not what i've heard.

20 Jun 2018 23:47:42
HIBS attempts to bring in izaguirre has failed as he doesn't want to come back to Scotland.

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20 Jun 2018 13:47:17
Our first competitive game is only 23 days away and from last year we have lost mcgeoch Allan barker McLaren with the possibility of McGinn leaving too, our goalkeeper is injured? Is anyone else just a little concerned with the lack of new faces? new players need time to bed in? Time we don't have. unless the players were after are currently on international duties lol 😂.

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20 Jun 2018 19:14:07
I thought he might have had at least one or two more in by now. He seemingly approached Izaguerre who declined because certain Scottish agents were chasing him for cash, plus he wants to try the USA. Mallan might be held up because they don't have a manager. The SA deal was always going to be a problem due to the fact that he played so well for us, which meant his valuation went up and they will want more. Hibs can't expect to get him for £300K and ask Celtic for £3mil for McGinn. That's basically saying McGinn is 10 the value of SA and that's just not the case. The fact that they don't have the McGinn cash won't be helping and their is also the McGeough situ, will he or won't he?

20 Jun 2018 20:13:02
Stokes apparently training with St Mirren ( Stubbs )

20 Jun 2018 23:46:08
In Lennon we trust.

24 Jun 2018 11:50:47
1.5 million absolute nonsense and your lucky if Allan is worth £400,000. Don’t get me wrong would love Allan back.

18 Jun 2018 13:59:48
Rumour hibs have made contact with celtic about both scotty allan and the possibility of taking hayes on loan until January. Allan deal is depending on his talks with BR about terminating his contract and us paying expenses. Hayes is back up to barker move falling through. Both would be great business. Also, can see slivka having a big role this year and can cover the front line when required. Simon murray should get a chance pre season also. Shaw looking to be loaned out to livi.

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18 Jun 2018 19:33:38
I don't think Livingston would be a good move for Oli, he should be looking to get a lot more game time with the 1st team.

18 Jun 2018 21:03:38
I don’t belive one word of this! its total fabrication! every word! I’ve said it before it’s a rumours thread NOT a lying thread.

19 Jun 2018 08:56:20
oli shaw could be used as a sub, I get that, but best going out to livi.

19 Jun 2018 11:37:24
I think Oli would play well along side Flo and he should get the chance this season, otherwise, what's the point? We've brought thru very little in the past 10 yrs, at this moment in time their are 3 or 4 who should be getting game time and Oli is certainly one of them.

17 Jun 2018 18:45:22
Just spoke to big gogs Rae who was in at Easter road for something to do with Hanlons testimonial, he seems to think Mallan will be announced this week?

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17 Jun 2018 23:35:41
Stevie Mallon?

18 Jun 2018 11:29:01
I've got Gordon Raes testimonial ball, I bid for it at a dinner in the Sheraton. I really, really did not want it, I was trying to bid it up and I ended up paying £400 for it. I booted it all over the Sheraton car park, got home and gave it to my grandson. It has four of the famous five sgnatures, Joe Baker etc etc. The moral behind the story is don't bid when your drunk. Thought I would share this with my fellow Hibees.

18 Jun 2018 21:22:17
Lol it happens mate.

15 Jun 2018 11:54:52
Just seen the fixtures, we are away twice to Celtic, New rangers and the yams. Same as last season with the last two. Lenny mite have something to say about it!

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15 jun 2018 13:34:42
get your facts right please.

15 Jun 2018 14:55:55

14 Jun 2018 21:27:39
Welcome back kamberi 3 year deal.

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14 Jun 2018 21:47:21
I can't believe he only cost £100K. What a steal.

14 Jun 2018 23:43:43
I suppose he’s all write 😉.

15 Jun 2018 21:23:50
Brilliant business £100k and they wanted £1.8m few more like that please GGTTH.

16 Jun 2018 02:52:57
Hibsboy do you still want both edinburgh clubs 2 do well this season? Like you keep saying on our page?

16 Jun 2018 15:17:54
Hibsboys opionions are taken with a pinch of salt what ever thread he’s on.

16 Jun 2018 22:48:05
Like I've said I like to see Edinburgh clubs do well still hate the yams and tomo I'm a hibby have been since born mate.

16 Jun 2018 22:49:21
And tommo I don't really care mate I know I'm a hibby everyone knows I'm a hibby.

16 Jun 2018 21:47:57
Not too happy with that coment tomo. hibs are meant to be a family.

14 Jun 2018 20:47:35
Jonny Hayes is on Lennons radar and a loan deal could be agreed.

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14 Jun 2018 21:45:56
Some player when he was at Aberdeen, could be a great signing.

14 Jun 2018 23:46:55
Jonny Hayes broke his leg on Boxing Day and was told it would take AT LEAST 6 months recovery so your saying he’s fit and ready to go?

15 Jun 2018 15:37:55
Well he broke his leg at Xmas and it’s been around 6 months since so he should be fit for August.

15 Jun 2018 15:39:02
Oh and he’s also been training so he should be fully fit very soon.

16 Jun 2018 15:20:44
So hibs are interested in a player whose just started training in the last week after being out for 6 months? A 10k a week loan player if we’ve to belive you? Major gamble.

16 Jun 2018 16:17:14
You do realise Celtic would be available to split the wages to like 60/ 40Where Celtic would be paying around 6k. Rodgers will obviously want him to get game time and for him to be playing football week in week out. The deal could be a 6 month loan depending if Rodgers would like him back.

16 Jun 2018 16:18:25
And his wages won’t be that high. I would say he would on around 7-8k due to him not being able to play football every week.

16 Jun 2018 19:54:40
His wage is agreed at start of contract NOT on how many games he plays? 4-5k for a loan player is still to much of a gamble who’s fitness is in doubt would rather have barker back if that’s the case.

19 Jun 2018 16:10:00
Brendan signed him not expecting him to play a lot, Hayes is 30 years old and they have Sinclair who is far better in that position. I think The board would be be able to make a deal happen easily, As I said the wage split could go in favour for Hibs and could be split even 70/ 30 it all depends on the wage split. I’m sure Hibs would take him on 2-3k a week.

14 Jun 2018 15:06:25
That's Flowers signed, Mallet next.

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14 Jun 2018 15:36:35
People will think I've been drinking! Hic'

14 Jun 2018 21:33:33
Well have you lol?

14 Jun 2018 23:16:24
Unfortunately NAW! I'm blaming Predictive text.

15 Jun 2018 21:24:40
Lol don't we all mate.

13 Jun 2018 15:55:42
Kamberi has to sign by 12.0 tomorrow nite or the deal with his club is gone. Rumour his agent is causing bother.

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13 Jun 2018 17:39:48
Would be a decent signing HOWEVER won’t lose sleepover him if he decided not to come plenty other options surley?

13 Jun 2018 18:29:18
Hee hee hee! Your just saying that to wind me up Tomo eh? Even you know he's a special talent. 9 goals in 14 games, great touch, holds the ball up well, brings people in to play, pacey and scores for fun. By the way, that goal average would pro rata thru at 30 plus goals a season.

14 Jun 2018 13:10:50
Leanne and one other on their way back from Cologne, " had a successful trip " her words. Apparently due to announce Kamberi 2day/ 2moro. Stevie Mallen next!

14 Jun 2018 13:14:55
Just thinking, McLarens team is in that area, maybe trying to secure a deal for him to.

10 Jun 2018 01:11:26
Hibs supposedly interested in bring Mikey Johnston on loan as Lennon will have a really hard task of getting Barker back. Would any Hibs fans take this Johnston guy I've never seen him play.

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10 Jun 2018 08:41:04
Mike Johnston apparently scored a great individual goal in the toulon horny for Scotland U21's. yeh take him.

10 Jun 2018 10:33:48
Tournie not horny my previous post meant to say. Fec kin predick tiv tixt lol.

{Ed001's Note - I just assumed you had misread 'really hard task' and taken it to mean something completely different.}

09 Jun 2018 15:21:20
Just a thought I would bring in ciftci in. think he might do a job with the right players behind him and he's free. what do you think?

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07 Jun 2018 20:47:28
Lenny's supposedly asked for Mikey Johnson on loan as part of the deal for McGinn with us also getting SA. Rodgers isn't keen on the Johnston part, that's not to say it won't happen. Johnson scored a cracker against the English last nite.

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08 Jun 2018 16:54:49
Who mate?

06 Jun 2018 18:24:33
From a good source, Gary Hooper on Lenny's wanted list. How realistic this is from a financial point of view God only knows! But I recall Lenny saying something about the board accept the fact that they have to pay higher wages for certain positions. I took it they obviously meant strikers. Can you imagine the damage he and Kamberi would cause, the mind boggles!

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06 Jun 2018 20:03:42
Would be a great signing.

07 Jun 2018 05:06:17
I find it hard that hibs would go to 5k a week for mcgeoch you said only days ago? But now your trying to tell us that lennons interested in a player currrently on 20-25k a week? I’m totally gobsmacked? I think you’ve lost it 😂.

07 Jun 2018 10:36:10
Re Hooper, your the one who posted around this time last yr that " Hibs were in for Hooper " short memory! The source has said that Lennon has made an approach for the player, I have to assume that he has spoken to our board and agreed the deal he can offer. I also think that he would have spoken to the player or his agent before approaching his club. I also said that the financing of the deal could be a problem. It''s a rumour from a very good source that may or may mot be on a loan basis.

07 Jun 2018 10:45:00
I believe the top wage at ER is around £3k so to almost double it is a bit of a stretch. I remember when we were battling hertz for Laffatme, we offered £2,600 and they went to £3k. I'm not saying Dylsn''s not worth it I just don't see it. I also don't think the Hooper deal is realdtic, as I said in my post, I'm just postin a RUMOUR!

08 Jun 2018 02:28:48
My post was “ hibs being linked with Gary hooper now lol “
My memory also longitude as well as short term thanks.

08 Jun 2018 10:35:01
My post was " Hooper on Lenny''s wanted list "!

08 Jun 2018 16:53:23
From a reliable source £5k don't know if bonus payment or what but that is the offer on the table guys.

05 Jun 2018 16:32:20
Kamberi set to sign for hibs again will be public knowledge within 2 weeks.

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