06 Jan 2022 17:48:25
Gullane looks set to leave for Raith Rovers. Probably good news for all concerned.

1.) 07 Jan 2022
07 Jan 2022 17:45:42
Happened and we made good progress so far.
Defence is still isssue.pre-contract on either Mugabi or Sol Bamba (yes he still has a soft spot for us) don't sort the immediate problem
More kids from England I guess

As for Leigh as a make weight on Boyle.omg
Love Leigh but.

2.) 07 Jan 2022
07 Jan 2022 18:01:30
I'm a fan of Griffiths too but I don't think he should come back and I really hope we hold on to Boyle. We are starting to get an impressive squad together so it would be cruel to lose one of our best players. I've been a fan of Boyle since he first came on loan to Dundee I'd love to see him stay and kick on further with us.

Another defender is on the way but I don't know who.
Looks like there will be a few out the door also. Gogic, Hallberg, Mackie, Wright, Murphy and Allan are all out of contract in the summer so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them left. I know StMirren want Gogic.