14 Sep 2019 18:05:24
Do we need to keep saying it. This coach is hopeless. It's not personal - he's a nice bloke - but he has nothing to offer our club. If you listen to him and Stockdale it is clear they have no vision or tactical nous, and are clearly unable to get the best from the players. The transfer window has been an absolute disaster and for Leeann to defend it so robustly is worrying. A whole department had failed to function. It's not what the new owner needs at this stage but he needs to act otherwise we'll be back in the Championship before you can say Terry Butcher! Why did Lennon go exactly?

1.) 15 Sep 2019
15 Sep 2019 00:02:12
Because he was poached and wanted to go so engineered being asked to leave by bullying a foreigner.

2.) 16 Sep 2019
16 Sep 2019 21:56:32
Hibee Bob, l agree more or less with everything you've said. When Hecky first arrived l had every confidence in him but l couldn't get my head round what he meant by feeding the players information and getting the right information into them. What was that all about? Was he trying to get the players to adapt to a new system rather than playing to a system which utilised the best of the players individual abilities.